I comment regularly in the media and have been quoted in publications including the Telegraph, Daily Mirror, Financial TimesTop Santé and Grazia. I also featured as a consultant therapist in an episode of Channel Four’s Dispatches investigating the problem of addictive spending.

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Could this latest social media trend be affecting your mental health?

From Yahoo Style

On a normal day, it’s nothing to scroll through a social media feed filled with picture-perfect meals, airbrushed selfies and #unfiltered workout snapshots. In the latest trend to hit social media, celebrities, influencers and friends alike are sharing revealing images masked as fitness updates.


The ‘sharent’ trap – should ​you ever put your ​children on social media?

From The Guardian

It’s more and more usual for people to share pictures of their children online – and some have even turned it into a lucrative business. Is it always wrong to mix kids and social media?


How to teach your son to cry

From Mind Body Green

My top tips for teaching your son to cry.


Why reading to your children is so important

From Little London


Are you an oversharent?

From The Sun

Are you an oversharing parent on Facebook? Take the quiz to find out


Five books on Mindful Parenting

From Five Books

I choose my top Five Books on Mindful Parenting, the pressures on families today and how a mindful approach can help us all.


A mum’s guide to summer holiday sanity? Stick the kids in front of the TV

From The Telegraph

I discuss the pros and cons of TV during the summer holidays.


Why the secret to happiness is having just 37 things to wear

From Mail Online

“By streamlining their wardrobes, they gain a sense of achievement and self-esteem that comes from making a conscious decision to embrace change,” discusses Dr von Lob.


Mindful parenting podcast with the Scummy Mummies

From the Scummy Mummies Parenting Podcast series

I had so much fun appearing on The Scummy Mummies brilliant parenting podcast. Listen in as we discuss mindfulness, confident parenting and being kind to yourself!


Virgin Live Life Better podcast (in association with Penguin Living)

At 15 minutes into interview, I give tips on surviving the exam season, from a parent’s perspective and discuss my new book.