I comment regularly in the media and have been quoted in publications including the Telegraph, Daily Mirror, Financial TimesTop Santé and Grazia. I also featured as a consultant therapist in an episode of Channel Four’s Dispatches investigating the problem of addictive spending.

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London Podcast interview

In this London Podcast interview, I talk about my new book “Five Deep Breaths,”what mindfulness with parents actually means and revisit my early childhood, East London roots. It’s quite emotional for me and this is the first time I have talked publicly about those years in this amount of depth.


How I Explained Cancer To My Children

From Viva Magazines Manchester

Holding difficult conversations with your children is all part of being a good parent, but nothing can prepare you for the deep heartache faced, when you have to tell your children you have been diagnosed with terminal cancer.


The parent’s guide to beating exam stress

From Penguin UK

Exam time can be a stressful period for parents and teenagers alike. I offer some expert tips on how best to help your teen overcome exam pre-test anxiety

Anxiety in pregnancy: What expecting mums should know

From Mother and Baby

It’s thought that more than one in ten women struggle with symptoms of anxiety during pregnancy. But is it affecting you? Here’s what you need to know about anxiety in pregnancy.


Help! I’m being held to ransom by my daughter’s invisible kitten

From The Daily Telegraph

“It’s very normal for both boys and girls to have imaginary friends, whether they be humans, animals or some kind of fantasy creature,” says London-based clinical psychologist Dr Genevieve von Lob.

“There’s sometimes a misperception that children invent imaginary friends to compensate for feelings of loneliness or awkwardness.”


The 12 psychological tricks every parent should know when bringing up kids

From The Daily Telegraph

“There’s such a deluge of advice out there, and so many choices to make, that many parents find themselves constantly questioning whether they’re getting it ‘right.’

Books, blogs, family and friends may all have helpful tips, but nobody spends time with your child like you do. Though we might sometimes wish there was a manual telling us what to do, we know that every child is unique and there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy.

But, in an attempt to cut through the masses of information out there, we’ve spoken to the experts and got their tips for smarter parenting.”


The social media challenge for new mums

From Gurgle Magazine

“Do other mums’ chirpy baby updates ever get you down? Helen Foster explains how to feel better online”


Measuring Midwifery: Theory vs Practice

From Midwifery Magazine

“Following on from last week’s research claiming midwife-led care is superior, Joanna Lowy asks whether this is still true given the current midwife shortage facing the NHS.Research out last week claimed that midwife-led care is far superior to consultant-led care for pregnant women. Published by the Cochrane Library, the study revealed that it results in significantly higher natural births without complications such as premature birth and the need for epidurals or surgical instruments, and women were also less likely to lose their baby before 24 weeks of gestation.”


How to Stand Up For Yourself (Without Being a Bitch)

From Top Sante

“Stop putting up, start speaking up”