ISBN: 9780593077443

PUBLISHER: Bantam Press


Five Deep Breaths: The power of mindful parenting

In Five Deep Breaths, I have drawn on my extensive experience with hundreds of families from all walks of life to provide simple, practical support for parents. Based on mindfulness, psychology and neuroscience, this reassuring guide will show you how to be kinder to yourself and trust your own judgement when dealing with dilemmas every parent faces. Examples based on real mums and dads show how to defuse tension, drama and anxiety in the home. Stressed-out parents will discover a sense of confidence, calm and balance – both for themselves and their children.


"If you ever beat yourself up about your parenting style, or find yourself about to lose your mind over something really small, maybe this book is for you, whatever your opinions on mindfulness"

The messages and learnings inside are helpful for any parent who feels held back by feelings of inadequacy, stress and anxiety… there were sections which resonated with me immediately, and I can’t believe they won’t also with a great number of mums and dads out there, who find themselves struggling a little bit. This step-by-step guide navigates the demands of being a parent alongside the demands you put on yourself – and those of others – and coming out of it feeling like you’re on top, instead of always fighting a rearguard action.

Holly Kirkwood,
"This is a great book that champions confidence, kindness and compassion"

Five Deep Breaths is a lifeline for parents. Wouldn't it be great if family life was calm, easy and loving? But anyone who has dealt with toddlers or teenagers, (or any child on a stroppy day), knows how hard it can be. In this kind, practical book, Genevieve von Lob draws on a lifetime of personal and professional experience. She teaches deceptively simple techniques, which can bring about profound changes. Tools as simple as breathing can reconnect you with your intuition, alleviate stress and dissolve old patterns. This is a great book that champions confidence, kindness and compassion. PS. her life story is amazing

Georgia Coleridge, author, journalist and healer
"I am going to treasure this book and keep it by my side, so I can dip into it any time I am feeling overwhelmed or stressed"

I absolutely loved this book. The author really ‘gets’ the challenges of modern parenting and through her extensive contact with parents and hearing first-hand about their experiences, for the first time I really felt understood. I am going to treasure this book and keep it by my side, so I can dip into it any time I am feeling overwhelmed or stressed. It makes you feel like you suddenly have a wise friend helping you along this difficult parenting journey, full of useful, practical tips. This book is about the power of mindfulness and self-awareness, and it’s so much more than that; it shows you how to develop a deeper connection with yourself and your child – and leads you both on the path to resilience.

Josie Jacobs, Positive psychologist and mum of 3


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